SirTobi's ButtonBar

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  • What is it ?
    It is just a button bar....
  • Why should I use it ?
    I use it for administrating remote systems.
    I start it via ssh user@host bb and got an button bar with all functions I may need on the remote host.
  • What features does it have ?
    • tiny and fast
    • show load, user and host
    • command entry
    • menus and submenus
    • vertical or horizontal alignement
    • with or withour tooltips, icons, text

  • Its worse ! There are many tools with many more features !
    I know. But this one is fast, small, easy to use has less dependencys and does *exactly* what I need. No more, no less.
  • Where can i get icons for it ?
    You can use *any* xpm's. I use the icons from icewm. You can get some here or at
  • What dependencys does it have ?
    Only gtk version 1. You can get it at Gtk.Org.
  • How does it look like ?
    Here are some little screenshots:
    vertical vertical
    with text

  • Do I have to pay for it ?
    Oh no. It`s under GPL !
    See here for more details....
  • Not so bad, where can I get it ?
    Here it is: The actual version is 0.5.
  • The new version is bad !
    You can get the old one from my Project Page on Sourceforge.
  • Who has done this bad english translation ?
    That was me, SirTobi. (c) by sirtobi, 2012
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